Does your blog or website need a splash of excitement?

Do you need fresh posts for your blog or articles for your website? I can create posts on a variety of subjects or topics. My experience as a critical care registered nurse with specialties in pediatrics and neonatal intensive care gives me the insight to write health, wellness, and safety material. As a former high school teacher for grades 9-12 my teaching experience and responsibility to develop the curriculum for the health occupations academy gave me more than enough ideas to write about. I love writing about new ways to teach ideas that spark learning for kids. I also love writing . I offer articles on how to begin, where to go for more information on writing, how to succeed in meeting your goals, how to engage children in writing or any topic you might need regarding the world of writing.  I have had both good and not so good experiences with publishing and can relate to those of your readers who need an extra push to reach their writing dreams.

Encouraging creativity is my passion. Feel free to contact me for specific needs you may have to add a splash of excitement to your site.