Writing for Children

02/22/2012 02:30

Writing for children is so rewarding especially when children sparkle with excitement after reading a book. I love watching their faces. The other day my 9 year old granddaughter just made my day. She was reading a book about  Bethany, the girl who lost her arm to a shark. Kylie is reading this and was so excited to tell me that I need to read it too. "Grandma, it is a book you would love because it has stuff about God after every chapter.  First there is the story and then there is the God stuff, it is really cool."

I was not only humbled that she thought she and I would enjoy the same book, I was thrilled that somehow in life I have influenced her enough that she knows how important God is to me. That is awesome.

As writers we must always keep in mind how our words influence the minds of children. Whether we become award winning in our field or simply write for a hobby, our words will touch those who read them.

It makes me wonder if those who wrote the Bible and documented our history knew then how those words would influence readers today. How have those words of the Bible influenced you?