The A to Z Challenge

04/07/2012 03:07

If you have been following any of the blogs for writing and writing for children, there is a popular blog challenge out there that asks the blogger to post each day in April using a letter from the alphabet. I admit I have been somewhat lax due to other writing obligations but, I have combined a couple of letters into posts at my other blog to catch up with fellow bloggers.

For instance, one post included these letters;

A- Attitude- keeping a postitive attitude during the writing process11

B- Business- keeping the business side of writing organized and productive.

C- Characters- keeping your characters real, fresh, and believeable.

D- Drama- keeping  drama in the story no matter what the story is about. Drama keeps the reader turning the page.

E- Elephant in the room- keeping the " assumed bad stuff but never said bad stuff" in the story line- ie: alcoholic parent, drug addicted sibling, invisible anger, etc.

F- Keeping fun in the writing even if it is a serious story. Fun for the writer and fun for the characters. F is for flying too, because our son was flying on a medical mission today and it was on my mind.

Today will be G- Gruesome- keeping some gruesome details in every story even when the story is for kids. Examples are fish farting, captains with underpants, boogie men, and all things gruesome like the details in Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine. Kids love gruesome. Adults want gruesome so what they read makes their life seem better. G is definitely for gruesome.  Now on to H. There has to be something more intriguing for writers then H is for Happy. After all characters and stories are supposed to be believeable, right?