New Release

04/01/2019 00:00

i HAVE SEEN THE ILLUSTRATIONS FOR ZUES THE MOOSE.....and they are sooooooo cute, coming out later this month. Watch for this cute story about slobbering clumsy Zues. You guys will love him. 




If you have followed my blogs and various articles and sites then you know that I am a nurse for premature babies, that we live in a log cabin, and that we love animals. We currently have 5 rescue dogs and 6 cats. Which brings me to the main character in my soon to be released picture book titled Pepper's Special Secret. It is about a young kitten who has a secret.

Have you ever had a secret that made you feel different? Pepper's secret makes her feel different and she has a difficult time trusting others. Check back often to see the release date and cover of Pepper's Special Secret so you can find out what the secret is coming soon, very soon.