New Image, New Goals, and so much more.....

05/11/2013 06:39

I have changed the template for the website to fit our new home and where I now find inspiration for my  the  hills of Brown County Indiana. The beauty here is spectacular in a woodsy way, giving visitors the feel of  coming home.

Log cabins, small town hospitality, and over 200 unique shops offer visitors more than enough to keep one occupied. Outdoor sports, walking trails, horseback riding, zip lines and too many food eateries to mention add entertainment,culture,and a bit of the arts for anyone seeking it.  Add to it our little fabric shop in the midst for those who love to sew or quilt, and a bench with a good book in hand and one is sure to find peace and contentment if even for a short while.

Stay tuned for more tidbits of our new community and look for articles and future projects with that down home flavor coming your way. I have only just begun to feel my wings as a writer so be prepared.....I am blooming where God has planted my husband and myself and it feels right.