HELLO.... I Am Back.

07/02/2014 16:26

I feel the need to re-introduce my author self as I have neglected this site for many months. The long story short is this....life gets in the way of my writing and posting. Uggggggggh. But I have come to the brilliant conclusion that it is the fault of the author, meaning me, that this happens to the extent I have allowed. 

That being said, here is the summation of the last few 24 months....

  • Hubby and I packed our belongings of 30 years of marriage and downsized relocating to Nashville Indiana. We love it here.
  • Bought a house, moved a small cabin to our property, opened a quilt shop, and have rearranged ten times to make it home. We still love it here.
  • My mother in law passed away, our youngest son had an auto accident, our oldest son built a home, got injured at work, and both have gone through divorces. We still love it here.
  • Worked nights as a Neonatal nurse, changed to being a clinical manager and working part time to give myself time for the shop and writiing, and am currently not working as a nurse. ( giving myself time for the shop and writing) 
This is life, your life probably looks very similar in that daily obligations and unexpected occurances and health issues gets in the way of paper and pen. 
It is time for me to make writing a priority, hence the re-introduction to my author page...... no more excuses, no more procrastination.... I am enrolled in a journalism class, upgrading my blogs, and doing writing and designing for our quilt shop. My children's writing projects which have been on hold are now back on my desk waiting for revisions or reworking. I am ready to be the author God designed me to be. Will I succeed? I guess that depends on what success means to the reader. Is it money? Is it satisfaction? Is it being famous? For me, success does mean finishing a project, getting it into the hands of the reader or in the case of patterns, a crafter, and to make just enough money to pay my debts. It means making enough,  and it means creating products to share. It also means writing and designing to Glorify God and to do what pleases Him. Can I do it? The voice inside of me will always have a seed of doubt, but I also have a good husband who is encouraging me to do it and a Father in Heaven that knows I can. 
Stay tuned. God is not finished with me yet.