Book Reviews for Children and Adults.

01/17/2012 01:45

I will be featuring all kinds of book reviews for children here. Book reviews will be at least once a week. Why is a book review an important tool for you? Here are a few reasons why book reviews are helpful.

  • Reviews give you an idea about what the book will tell you
  • Reviews lets parents know what topics are covered
  • Reviews let parents know what subjects kids your age will read
  • Reviews tell the reader if the book is a story or a series of facts
  • A fiction story is a made up story about make believe characters in a real life or historical setting. Fiction is fun to read.
  • A nonfiction story is based on truth and facts about different topics including weather, science, animals, health, or food. Nonfiction is fun but also educational for the reader. It is always fun to learn something new.

Book reviews also list

  • the author
  • the illustrator
  • the ISBN number
  • the price
  • the number of pages
  • the age group of the reader

You can write a review too. Read a book and write a short review. Email your review and I will post it here so other kids will want to read the book too. I look forward to sharing those reviews with other children.

Adult Reviews:  

I will also feature book reviews for adults. Moms and dads who love to read can find interesting books here too. Look for mysteries, suspense, Christian romance, and resoures for parenting. Parents may also email a short review of a book that they find interesting. It would really be helpful if parents share information on parenting books, books on children with illnesses, and other resources they have found to be helpful as parents.