Hi, let me know how you like the new site backgrounds..... look for a story or two about this sweet cow and of course there is Zues the Moose coming out in April. 




Also, New release you may have missed came out in January: My Wonderful Sister, Her Horrible Problem. Great realistic tale about how drugs and alcohol affect siblings, based on a true story. The book contains a student version, the true parent story, and discussion questions. 





2019 is a New Year, New Goals, New Hopes, New Dreams, and NEW BOOKS coming out this year by Penitpublications.com

Coming soon:

The Loose Tooth Event

Zeus the Moose


My Wonderful Sister: Her Horrible Problem- A picture book story about addiction and how it effects siblings from a child's point of view.












Here is a list of my books and the newest titles to soon be released:

Children's Picture Books


The ABC's of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane

A Moose is Loose

The Missing Brown Shoe

The Day I Saved Aunt Rose

Pepper's Special Secret


Adult Book


The Cancer Prayer Book



Zeus the Moose

The Big Tooth Event

My Sister and her Horrible  Problem









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